Funktronic Labs
Based in Pasadena, California

Release date:
June 27, 2019

Oculus Rift, Rift-S
Oculus Quest
SteamVR (Valve Index and Index Controllers Supported)


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A magical, musical hike through lush, chromatic VR wilderness. Bring dormant landscapes back to life by restoring native flora through light, water, and harmony, while collecting seeds to grow your own enchanted garden.


Short Description

A magical, musical plant adventure through lush, chromatic wilderness.

Full Description

A serene, mystical journey that traverses a series of otherworldly, organic landscapes, Fujii is a respite for weary travelers. The experience flows between outdoor exploration and creative gardening, merging aspects of adventure and cultivation into a refreshing, musically enveloping whole.

After emerging from a mystical tree, players venture out to explore three unique and magical biomes. Watering, touching, and interacting in musical ways with plants and creatures throughout each biome restores its lifeforce, and expands the energetic rings of light that hover above. Each biome brings its own biodiversity and plant interactions, eventually leading players to the source of Fujii’s powerful energy well.

Fujii also lets players gather a host of exotic seeds from its varied biomes, which they can bring home to cultivate and customize their own unique, otherworldly garden. By lifting planters out of the ground and sowing seeds in pots of various shapes and sizes, players are able to craft unique, bountiful landscapes for virtual relaxation.


Eddie Lee (founder, Funktronic Labs) has found a great deal of joy and positivity through gardening, and has long dreamed of developing an experience that expressed the magical, therapeutic nature of plants. Fujii is an attempt to capture that feeling, and to share in the modern plant zeitgeist. Take care of your garden, and your garden will take care of you.

About the Creators

Created by Funktronic Labs, the makers of the award-winning VR titles 'Cosmic Trip' and 'Starbear: Taxi'. Technology support by the wonderful folks at RareFaction Interactive.

What are you excited about in terms of what VR is doing for games?

We’re most excited about the physicality and interactive opportunities of the medium. Being able to fully articulate your movement and express yourself in an interactive experience is what makes VR magical. We’re excited about the unique world we’ve created with Fujii, and the sense of place and wonder it offers users.

How does your game leverage VR's standalone form factor to deliver a unique experience that wouldn't be possible otherwise?

Fujii is a game about the wonder of plants, and we love seeing users getting down low to touch and interact with plants on their level, and even laying down on the ground to appreciate the rich landscapes and night skies. Fujii is a game to get cozy with, and the Quest’s standalone form factor empowers users to do just that. We're also excited to see users experience Fujii outdoors, thanks to the unique portability of the headset.


  • A meditative, musical gardening adventure that offers a unique and restorative VR experience
  • Hike through three diverse biomes, collect seeds, and explore their enchanting flora and fauna
  • Collect and grow several rare, musically-interactive plants
  • Wonderful, interactive soundtrack by French artist and composer, Norman Bambi
  • Relax in your garden with your companion gnome, and introduce creatures and insect life sourced from the wild
  • Continue to cultivate your garden indefinitely, even after the conclusion of the story
  • Fully supports Valve Index (and Index Controllers). Also is cross-buy on Rift/Quest


Fujii (VR) - Launch Trailer YouTube

Fujii (VR) - Announcement Trailer YouTube




Awards & Recognition

  • "VR Core Awards 2019 - Best Game Winner" Shanghai, China - 7 November, 2019
  • "Indiecade 2019 - Nominee" Los Angeles, USA - 11 October, 2019
  • "MIX Selection - PAX West" Seattle, USA - 30 August, 2019
  • "Upload's Best of Show E3 2019 Nominee" Los Angeles, USA - 13 June, 2019
  • "Upload's E3 VR Showcase Selection 2019" Los Angeles, USA - 13 June, 2019
  • "PAX West MIX Selection 2019" Seattle, USA - 30 August, 2019

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Fujii on Steam

Fujii on Oculus Quest

Fujii on Oculus Rift/Rift-S

Fujii Full OST on Youtube

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About Funktronic Labs

Company Description
A game studio forming playful connections between humans and technology. Focusing on games, VR/AR and other interactive media.

More information
More information on Funktronic Labs, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Fujii Credits

Eddie Lee
Creative Director & Graphics Engineer, Funktronic Labs

Tetra Van Orden
Art Director & Concept Artist, Funktronic Labs

Eric Fruchter
Lead Engineer, Funktronic Labs

Pat Vince
Artist, Funktronic Labs

Alan Dang
Producer, Funktronic Labs

Evan Shamoon
Designer, Freelance

Adam Saslow
Gameplay/Audio Engineer, Rarefaction

Bradley Newman
Technical Artist, Rarefaction

Liz Walcher
3D Artist and Animator, Freelance

Cameron Amelia
Co-Art Director & Concept Artist, Freelance

Jacqueline Chao
Artist, Freelance

Norman Bambi
Music & Sound Engineer, Freelance

Zach Flores
Engineer, Funktronic Labs

Jordan Kim
Trailer, Freelance

Yonsang Yu
Marketing Director, Funktronic Labs

Special Thanks
Maggie "Sizzler" Nhan, Anjet (Chinese Localization)

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