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We're all about creating magical interactive experiences through the intersection of art and technology.


We're focused on the bleeding edge of research and technology to expand what's possible.


We are highly passionate humans driven by our love for fun games and quality experiences.


Our goal is to instill a sense of wonder and to transport the mind into funkadelic majestic lands.

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Eddie Lee

Eddie Lee

eddietree // Portfolio //

Eddie Lee was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He has a deep passion for real-time graphics technology and a fascination in mending procedurally generated geometry with digital art. He enjoys seeing procedural algorithms manifest itself in groovy and psychedelic ways.

Some of his work has been shown at various art exhibitions around the world, including CODAME in San Francisco, Future15 in London, Gates Foundation in Seattle, and Dundee Contemporary Arts in Scotland. He has worked on the Powers Project as well as the IGF Nominated (2013) PixelJunk 4am. He won 1st place at the Tokyo Demofest Competition (2013) with his demo "Artifacts". The demo was selected to be included in the Real-Time Live! demoscene reel, shown at SIGGRAPH 2013.

Recently, he did an audiovisual live performance for TEDxChiyoda, called SIGMA Project. Also, was awarded "Best Art Award" at the Sense of Wonder 2013 event in Tokyo Game Show for Kyoto.

Previously, Eddie worked as a graphics programmer in a Japanese game studio Q-Games, and has now started Funktronic Labs.

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kalin_t // Blog //

kalin likes to make video games. He enjoys experimenting with novel gameplay mechanics, and making highly polished gameplay experiences with an emphasis on user input that feels good.

With a decade of industry experience, he has dabbled in most parts of game development, from systems and graphics code, to gameplay, user interface and database work.

Starting with work on various MMO projects, his more recent work includes multiple titles in the PixelJunk series at Q-Games, and assorted system work for PlayStation Vita and other next-gen console projects.

After living in Kyoto for 6 years he left to join forces with Eddie on Funktronic Labs.

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